Herefordshire Honey

To order from the shop - click on the product and read about the honey - if this is what you would like to buy simply add it to your shopping basket and when ready checkout.

By entering details of where you would like the honey to be sent the carefully packed and well presented jar can be sent as a gift or thank you.

And you can be sure of its provenance - it has been collected and extracted at Putley in Herefordshire - one of the most rural parts of one of the most rural counties in England.

Please see the important note belowp1000835

The shop is an easy way to order Herefordshire Honey - the honey above is freshly extracted and still runny. Please see the important note below about runny v. set honey.

Please note - this honey is extracted directly from the frames in the hive - it is not processed in any way. This means that the natural properties of the honey appear in the jar. Some flowers - such as oilseed rape - produce a honey that sets very hard before you have even begun to extract it. Others such as blossoms remain runny for longer. But all honey will set eventually. This honey is runny at first but sets - it may be set when you receive it. 

If you really want runny honey warm the honey jar gently in a microwave with the lid removed at a low setting or in a just warm oven - about 40 degrees C. But I do not favour heating in any way. The delicate flavours are exchanged for a shop bought honey caramelly flavour.

During the extraction the honey is runny and it will be sent to you in a runny condition - but it may set quickly as above depending on the temperature in which it is stored and the flower  types that the bees collected the nectar from. 

This honey is in finite supply - like all things we buy - and English honey is a rare thing and Herefordshire rarer still. Please let me know what you think.