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    This year to date has been again one of weather extremes - a sunny April, wet May, dry June - and yet the temperatures have been low - especially at night and with a cool breeze. This has reduced the activity of my bees and noticeably slower start. but I have taken the first honey and now is ready for eating - and it is good. A little darker than the usual early season honey but I suspect this is due to the wider variety of flowers that this year has offered with a later honey take.

  2. bee with mites 

    was walking nearby and spotted the bee in the photo on the road.

    It was pretty poorly and lacking in energy possibly caused by the pinky mites it was carrying - they were not Varroa, I have seen these on honeybees, but a mite that scurries around and appears to be causing the bee a lot of distress.

    I tried to remove them before leaving her on a Buddlea flower in the hope she could feed and recover.

    Any ideas about the mites she was carrying?